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ODDITY Opening Thursday!

"Have no fear but steer clear of these sights most queer..."

Photo by Samantha Turlington Courtesy of Alexandra Photography

Welcome one and all to ODDITY a new play by Ashley Lauren Rogers directed by Ariel Mahler.

A “Gender Specialist” is brought in to a secret Victorian–Era medical facility deep within the earth to unravel the mystery of a series of murders and body mutilations which have taken place. As he meets the sole survivor and begins to unravel the mystery and his claustrophobic paranoia begins to overtake him the specialist finds it hard to believe anything he's told.

Playing as art of the Trans Theatre Fest at The Brick in Brooklyn


Kelsey Jefferson Barrett

Kitty Mortland

Sam Lopresti

Aliyah Hakim


Samantha Elizabeth Turlington


Check out ODDITY featured in The Brooklyn Paper

Among the more serious offerings is “Oddity,” opening July 20. The story follows a Victorian-era transgender man, a “gender specialist,” who is trying to solve a series of murders in a mysterious underground facility. During his investigation, he begins to question everything that he knows, as a collection of cisgender characters contradict what

he has learned.

“A major theme of this piece is what it feels like to be gaslighted,” said playwright Ashley Lauren Rogers. “We’re following this character who is learning things, and knows what he knows, but is constantly being told by people above him that it’s not true.”


And featured on the horror blog The Black Guy Survives

The professor is experiencing classic gaslighting, and here's the brilliant bit: between the dreams, flashbacks, lies, discrepancies, seemingly out-of-place items, and all around weird occurrences, it's difficult to determine what's real and what isn't, mirroring the professor's paranoia. At parts, I found myself frustrated because I couldn't figure out what was going on, and unnerved by the overall feeling of "wrongness". The body horror was pretty scary in and of itself, but it was the gaslighting that was truly terrifying. But fear not, everything makes sense in the end.


Thursday, July 20 @ 9:20pm

Saturday, July 22 @ 2pm

Monday, July 24 @ 9pm

$20.00 tickets

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