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The performance at the intimate Stage Left Studio featured work by Ms. King and Ashley Lauren Rogers- trans woman, playwright and actor. This 75-minute evening of sketches, monologues and videos explores how our ideas about gender affect our lives. A gentle tongue-in-cheek attitude prevails throughout, in comedic bits about coming out, PGP’s (preferred gender pronouns), workplace and facility discrimination, identity, and the misconceptions regarding life as a transgender/gender non-binary individual. 

Talking about transgender individuals often makes us feel awkward or the discussion becomes a bloodless chat about things we have read and statistics we can’t vouch for. Gender breaks through both of these. By introducing transgender performers in likable roles, the show creates an empathy in the audience that allows for some honest thought about the subject matter. And in so doing, it makes it not a discussion of this small minority but rather a discussion of what gender means in being a person – a far grander issue...  Rogers has exceptional comedic talent, and I hope to see more of her soon.

- Jeff Myhre of NY Theatre

Gender: A Performance Project premiered in June of 2015 at Stage Left Studio and was performed again in Dec of 2015 at 13th St. Repertory. 

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