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Ashley was a huge help to us in writing and revising our novel, Snowsisters.  In a subplot, a cis girl generates conflict over the attendance of a trans girl at a week-long writing conference for high school girls.  Ashley helped us form and refine the trans girl and her story arc, as well as affirming the timing and resolution of the subplot.  Her insight was terrific, she showed great professionalism and we are very grateful for her significant contribution.  As a colleague, she was fun to work with, witty, respectful and clear about what needed to be eliminated, changed and reduced.  We would use her again and recommend her highly! 

Tom Willinsky and Jen Sternick, authors of Snowsisters

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Online Consultation

In Person Consultation

Sensitivity Reading

Speaking Engagements

Ashley's "Writing for Trans and Non-binary Narratives course which was conducted as a part of: 

The Writing The Other online course can be purchased Here for $50

Ashley can be hired to conduct her course on How to Write for Trans and Non-binary Narratives for groups, individuals, classroom online through Google Hangouts, Skype, or other online means for competitive rates.  

Ashley can be hired to conduct her course on How to Write for Trans and Non-binary Narratives for groups, individuals, classroom, and convention/conference settings in the New York City.  

Ashley is also available  for in person consultations in the New York City area on best practices for hiring trans and non-binary individuals in the fields of Television, Film, and Live performance arts.  

Email for inquiries in or out of New York City

"Ashley offered a unique, precise, and vital dramaturgical eye for my new play. As a cis white writer attempting to write my first Trans character, I did a significant amount of research on my own. However, preparation does not always translate onto the page. Ashley's invaluable feedback included both overall dramaturgical notes as well as specific commentary on my Trans character. The play is more compelling and relevant, engaging and honest, since I worked with Ashley."
            — Jacqueline Goldfinger, playwright of Click

Ashley can be hired as a sensitivity reader for entire manuscripts, scripts, and screenplays, as well as specific passages which deal with trans, non-binary, or other gender-based themes and identities.

​Meetings to discuss material can be conducted  online through Google Hangouts, Skype, or other online means or in person in the New York City area..  

Ashley can be available for speaking engagements, panel moderation on the topics of transgender issues, writing, feminist issues, the evolution of gender in theatre, gender representation in popular culture (TV, Movies, comic books etc), gender representation in science fiction, trans issues in the Victorian era, and many others.

"If Ashely Rogers gives a workshop, go to it. She will lead you to epiphanies and revelations guaranteed.."
            — Zig Zag Claybourne, Author of The Brothers Jetstream

Ashley's insight was invaluable to me as I worked on Squad, putting my mind at ease and illuminating things I hadn't thought of. She was so straightforward and easy to talk to, expanding my awareness of how readers might respond to certain aspects of my book. I had a particular scene I was worried about, and without my even asking about it, she confirmed that it was in fact working the way it needed to. She also helped me see how a particular detail about a character's parents might read to a larger audience, and in the end I only needed to make a small adjustment to help it come across the way I'd intended. I highly highly recommend Ashley to anyone who's written trans characters or themes and is wondering to themselves, "Ah jeez, did this do the exact opposite of what I wanted it to?" With Ashley's incisive insight, you'll have concrete feedback and considerations to work with, rather than just pacing the insides of your own anxious mind. I was definitely breathing easier after our conversation.
            — Mariah McCarthy, author of Squad

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