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5 Actors – 4 Male, 1 Female Any Ethnicity, Trans/Nonbinary Actors welcome.

An adaptation of The Tell Tale Heart, The Black Cat, and The Casque of Amontillado where all three main characters are in the same cell of a turn of the century asylum. Each character portrays multiple roles to help tell each story in an overlapping, sound heavy, cacophony.

Original Artwork by Morgan Payne

Ashley Rogers’ SOUNDS OF MADNESS captures the tintinnabulation that musically swells throughout Edgar Allan Poe’s canon.  With commanding imagery, nicely woven dialogue, and a great focus on sound and synesthesia found in Poe’s work, this play goes beyond the flesh to the beating heart of the stories and poems we have all come to adore. 

S. J. Chambers, co-author of THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE

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