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Image Created by Monique Guthrie

Kurt was a vlogger in the early days of YouTube where he screamed about video games he hated. But he's left that behind him, finding a wife and keeping his characters anger in check. Until one night where he is visited by a shadow person...who won't stop tickling his feet. 

Chasing the Ghost 08.png
Development History

Chasing The Ghost was directed by Samantha DeManbey and was produced by The Forge Theatre Lab December 2019 

Chasing the Ghost received a developmental workshop produced by The Forge Theatre Lab October 2019

Chasing The Ghost received a developmental reading as part of 

Forge Theatre Lab Staged Reading Series

February 2019

Chasing the Ghost received a developmental reading at Judson Arts Wednesdays at Judson Memorial Church - New York City presents: a Magic Time happening in June of 2017.

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