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Claire got just what she wanted for Christmas, an ugly sweater! But as the sweater starts telling her "stories," she must ask did Claire get more than she bargained for? A night of accidental anti Christmas tales! A bachelor party gone wrong, love in a time of time travel, exploding elves, Satan impersonators, and so much more!

The Illustrated Xmas Sweater is a collection of shorter works which was first performed in New York City, December 7th 2016 at The Producer's Club and was produced by Step 1 Theatre Project under the name "Falsehoods, Fallacies, and Fairytales: Or How We'll Convince You These Plays are About Christmas"

This script contains the following plays which can be performed separately or all together. 

The Illustrated Xmas Sweater
"A mother receives an ugly Christmas sweater with the ability to tell her stories." 

Lap Dance for the Invisible Man
"Buddies throw a bachelor party for their friend, complete with a stripper and booze. Problem is, where's the bachelor?"


Becky's Christmas Wish

"A magical Christmas elf appears in a child's bedroom and tells her he can grant one wish this holiday season, but he's not prepared for what could be on this little girl's mind tonight."  


Black Lipstick

"Hoping to have a little bit of fun, a single mother tried to go see her favorite band, but only if her daughter approves of her outfit."


The Mall Satan

"Due to a clerical error, a mall manager finds Satan sitting at her desk waiting to spread the word of the underworld to all the little boys and girls."



"Twenty-something Randy has his day ruined when his roommate tells him that if they don't have sex right here, right now, Randy will be responsible for fathering a child who will bring about the apocalypse. His roommate's advances are blocked until he sees the truth to this post-apocalyptic future."

Perfect for actors of all ages (Over 18), genders, ethnicities, actors with disabilities and particularly trans and Non-binary actors!

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