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That's a Wrap: Falsehoods Fallacies and Fairytales

I am so incredibly happy with Falsehoods, Fallacies, and Fairytales. The actors were incredible, the costumes were SO good, and I don't think I've ever had such a smooth and easy to get along with LARGE cast.

In most productions there's at least one person who is... a challenge (Usually Me) but this time around everyone we brought into the project meshed together so well. We were even able to create two video promotions which featured three super talented trans and non-binary actors! All of our hard work paid off because all but one of our shows were completely sold out!

To the point that my producer and I had to hang out outside because there wasn't a seat for either of us!

We've gotten a few review back one from Outer-Stage which you can read here but here's a quote from them about my writing:

"Each of the plays, written by the incredibly talented Ashley Lauren Rogers, deal in strange and macabre situations that subvert typical tropes. What sets these short plays apart however, is Ashley’s ability to write past her own premises and fill her scenes with compelling characters."

And one from Drama Queens Reviews which you can read here.

"Some stories had more to do with celebrations than Christmas but they were all so well told with such surprising endings that I had a wonderful Christmas time. I can’t wait to see what Ashley Lauren Rogers comes up with next. She is a real talent and she got a terrific group of people to pull off her Falsehoods, Fallacies & Fairytales."

The best part is that NOW you can own a copy of the script! That's right you can pick up a copy of "The Illustrated Xmas Sweater (The new name for the show) on Amazon!

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