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Falsehoods, Fallacies, & Fairy Tales On Sale!

Get tickets now to my newest show Faslehoods, Fallicies, & Fairy Tales from Step1 Theatre Project!

Join Step1 Theatre Project this December as we wrap up our first season with an evening of Holiday and non-Holiday themed short plays by Ashley Lauren Rogers! A night of accidental anti Christmas tales! A bachelor party gone wrong, love in a time of time travel, exploding elves, Satan impersonators, and so much more!

Featuring... The Illustrated Xmas Sweater

Directed by Janelle Zapata

Performed by Lara Fox "A mother receives an ugly Christmas sweater with the ability to tell her stories."

Lap Dance for the Invisible Man

Directed by Janelle Zapata Performed by Jason Michael Dick, Jazmyn Arroyo, and Sam Lopresti "Buddies throw a bachelor party for their friend, complete with a stripper and booze. Problem is, where's the bachelor?"

Becky's Christmas Wish

Directed by Benjamin Abraham

Performed by Dana Searing & Gabriel Spector

"A magical Christmas elf appears in a child's bedroom and tells her he can grant one wish this holiday season, but he's not prepared for what could be on this little girl's mind tonight."

Black Lipstick

Directed by Benjamin Abraham

Performed by Vivian Aladren & Yvette Chin

"Hoping to have a little bit of fun, a single mother tried to go see her favorite band, but only if her daughter approves of her outfit."

The Mall Satan

Directed by Janelle Zapata

Performed by Samantha Glovin & Sara Minisquero

"Due to a clerical error, a mall manager finds Satan sitting at her desk waiting to spread the word of the underworld to all the little boys and girls."


Directed by Maria Aladren

Performed by Darian Bencosme, Lacey Andreanszky, Mateo Lamuno, and Sara Minisquero

"Twenty-something Randy has his day ruined when his roommate tells him that if they don't have sex right here, right now, Randy will be responsible for fathering a child who will bring about the apocalypse. His roommate's advances are blocked until he sees the truth to this post-apocalyptic future."

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