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Ashley's 40th Birthday_edited.jpg
Here's a list of activities you can attend to celebrate Ashley's Big Day! 

Tuesday August 29th

Ashley will be hanging out at INDUSTRY CITY in Brooklyn!  (Because Ashley is finally over her bout of Covid the SHARING aspect of this evening is a no-go but we're still gonna get together and you can buy her a drink or soemthing)!

        6:30-10pm (Most spaces close at 9pm)

       220 36th Street

       Brooklyn, NY 11232

Meet by the Ffirepit in the courtyard between 5/6 (There is Indoor seating, in case of rain we'll meet in Building 5, somewhere near Hometown Bar-B Que)

Thursday August 31st

NEW PLANS Any Thing in Brooklyn 


453 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn

Text or message Ashley or D if we go somewhere else later we'll still be in the area

Initial plan of DDT Bar is cancelled

as the bar is currently closed until end of Sept 2023...  We are figuring out an alternative now...

Friday Sept 1st

Ashley Will be watching the fireworks on Coney Island.  Contact Ashley or D for where we're meeting on day of!

        7-10:30 (9:30 Fireworks start time) 

       1208 Surf Ave

       Brooklyn, NY 11224

In case of rain, another space will be planned

Saturday Sept 2nd

Ashley will be celebrating OFFCIALLY Today at FIONA'S BAR and we are RENTING the space so please fill out the Google Form HERE if you plan on attending!


         562 Flatbush Avenue,

         Brooklyn, NY 11225

NOTE: If Driving, some streets will be closed down in preparation for the West Indian Day Parade this Monday...  To see which streets will be closed CLICK THE LINK HERE

Sunday Sept 3rd

Ashley will be having a chill picnic brunch in Prospect Park at Smorgasburg!!!


        Breeze Hill, Brooklyn DIRECTIONS

In case of rain, another space may be planned

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